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BrainBloC data & experience lab in Twinning

In hub Twinning on the TU/e campus, a very cool BrainBloc data & experience lab was set up last year for data-driven organizing. This experience lab focuses on ecosystems around digitization, internet of things (sensoring), blockchain, artificial intelligence, the digital assembly line and new business and operating models. Here you can discover, become aware, absorb knowledge, develop skills and learn about the latest tools. In short, everything you need for your transformation to a sustainable, digital and decentralized FutureNext.

In an RTL television broadcast, recorded in our new lab in hub Twinning, you get an impression of what we can do for example for cooperation partner Logistics Community Brabant (LCB) and the logistics sector in the field of data-driven logistics. Because concepts such as internet of things, smartcontracts, blockchain, artificial intelligence and the digital assembly line are abstract to most people, insight is provided into what these concepts mean and what you can do with them as a professional and organization through simulation, demonstration, gaming and lego building blocks, for example.

In the BrainBloC data & experience lab, we also offer apprenticeship programs to learn and apply the new way of organizing. Finally, we organize webinars, workshops, trainings and expert meetings. In these, data wisdom and data-driven organizing plays an important role with the question: what is data and how to best organize supply and demand of data.

How can you participate?
We regularly organize free, no-obligation introductory and exploratory sessions in our BrainBloC data & experience lab. In just one half-day session you will discover what data is and how best to organize it: not so much within your organization, but within a supply chain or ecosystem. We also offer packages for organizations or groups of professionals.

Visit the data & experience lab
With enough participants, the data lab is open in principle every first Monday of the month from 13:00-17:00 or by agreement at other times. You do need to sign up. After registration you will receive further information and we will set a date together. If you want to participate as a group, please contact us. 

We recommend that before visiting our BrainBloC data & experience lab, attend the free lunch webinar "Data Wisdom.

Want more information? Then contact us.  

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