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Partnership between ICM education & training and MyTalentsLab

It is with great enthusiasm that MyTalentsLab, based in hub Twinning, announces its partnership with ICM education & training! ICM's education and training offerings have been integrated into the MyTalentsLab platform. This integration ensures that employees can easily select, follow and complete the training they want within this solution, with the right incentive along the way, towards successful growth!

ICM Education & Training, with over 220 education and training programs, is one of the top 5 training institutes in the Netherlands. Based on the philosophy that every person needs growth, both in terms of personality and knowledge, it responds to this need by organizing top quality education and training.

Here's to a happy working life for all of working Holland!

MyTalentsLab is the online platform that provides continuous and objective insight into the talents, ambition and potential of all employees. For organizations, it provides an overview and insight into the qualities of all their employees.

MyTalentsLab's platform integrates various external systems to make the right range of training courses, assessments and (cultural) surveys available. Bas van Hussen and Erik van de Vijver are convinced that with the equal core values of both organizations, the partnership has a positive impact on employees. They experience more job satisfaction, feel seen, can grow and use their talents optimally!

Good luck, Bas van Hussen, Erik van de Vijver of MyTalentsLab in this great collaboration with Bodine van Houten, Jeroen Persoons and ICM education & training!