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As an entrepreneur in Brainport, you are not alone. Connect puts you in contact with other entrepreneurs in the region who have answers to your questions or who could use your help. You get suggestions for interesting matches and receive information that is relevant to you. Through Connect you can easily expand your network with like-minded entrepreneurs who are willing to do something for each other.

There are thousands of companies in the high-tech and manufacturing industry in Brainport. But who are they exactly? And more importantly, what do they do and in which sector? It is difficult to get a quick overview. After all, how do you find the right company when you have a question? And, which company could make good use of your knowledge, experience or product?Brainport would like to bring this together on an online platform and has therefore developed Connect

Cooperation in the region

In Connect you will find the companies and organizations that make Brainport Eindhoven stronger. The platform was developed by Brainport Development, the economic development company of Brainport Eindhoven. The purpose of the platform is to strengthen the cooperation between the players in the region, because all parties can indicate on the platform what they have to offer, but also what they could use help with.

Why participate.

By putting yourself on the map, learning from each other, using each other's knowledge and strengths, we work together to create a stronger Brainport Eindhoven. If companies and organizations are well placed on the map, the rest of the world can see what is happening here. This attracts investors, talent and companies.

How does it work?

Connect is an online platform where you can put your company on the map of Brainport. A free and independent online place where you can set up your profile in just a few steps. Connect will then bring you into contact with other entrepreneurs in a targeted and automatic way. From Brainport Development you will receive suggestions for interesting matches and relevant information and invitations based on your request in Connect.

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