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Alltrons and The Inventors Company are collaborating in hub Alpha!

Circuit board Bart van Overbeek

Alltrons and The Inventors Company collaborate in hub Alpha on innovations and use each other's expertise to advance the development of their own technical inventions.

Willem Pennings of The Inventors Company talks about the secure coat rack they developed: the so-called Kaplock. This allows you to always hang your coat safely in public places. You pin a special Kaplock coin at the Coin Measure and only this coin fits into the Kaplock. This also secures the payment system. They are also working on other innovations: bracelets for Rituals to measure stress, cameras to predict fire or battery packs for special applications.

Alltrons develops pressure-sensitive keyboards for various applications in the gaming industry, among others. Alltrons also performs hardware and software development work for companies that do not have their own R&D capacity available. Examples of these innovations are GPS trackers, sensors that can count people, electric ovens, etc. Very diverse applications. Currently, Alltrons employs 9 students says Kayle Knops.

Together, for example, Alltrons and The Inventors Company are working on a circuit board that can take weight measurements at sea by neutralizing the movement of waves.

Alltrons and The Inventors Company both chose hub Alpha because of the presence of other tech startups (who are in the same startup phase), networking opportunities and exchange of contacts.

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