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BioTrip. A brand new incubator developing biotech startups.

Biotrip background

BioTrip. A brand new incubator developing biotech startups.

What is missing in Brainport, a region known for high-tech? A company that promotes BIO-tech. That is precisely the mission of BioTrip, an incubator dedicated to bringing together pioneering clinical scientists from Radboud University Medical Center and entrepreneurial engineers from TU/e to develop the next generation of immunopharmaceutical solutions.

Through its expertise in intellectual property, financing and drug development, BioTrip will create biotech start-ups to reach the clinical trial phase and eventually the market.

"We possess an extensive portfolio of innovative delivery and platform technology that will serve as the foundation for at least two startups that we will establish in the near future" said Professor Willem Mulder, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of BioTrip.

While finalizing several deals with national and international investors, BioTrip has now opened a new office in the Alpha building, where the company has begun hiring people to work full-time for the incubator. BioTrip has now officially begun growing startups in the Brainport region! For more information:

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