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Bright Move emergency fund Covid-19

bright move fund for startups

In early 2020, because of the COVID-19 crisis, Bright Move set up the COVID-19 Emergency Fund with help from Brainport Development, Incubator 3+ Foundation, Brabant Startup Fund, Philips, ASML, Municipality of Eindhoven and Province of North Brabant.

Purpose Covid-19 emergency fund
The purpose of this emergency fund is to provide low-threshold emergency loans to high-tech startups with a scalable business model from the Brainport Eindhoven Region, in order to help them through the crisis and not to let years of innovative developments go to waste.

Loans of up to €50,000, with a maturity until the end of 2021 and an interest rate of 5% (only in 2021; 2020 is interest-free) could be provided. The conditions are otherwise quite limited, requiring only a slight joint and several liability by the founders/major shareholders.

Will you help us gain better insight for an even better scheme?
This short questionnaire is intended to gain experience and familiarity with the scheme and to make possible adjustments to the scheme.
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Filling in this questionnaire will take no longer than 5 minutes and will provide valuable information for the startup ecosystem in Brainport Eindhoven.
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Bright Move is an initiative of:


Eindhoven University of Technology specializes in engineering science & technology. With education, research and knowledge valorization, TU/e contributes to: science for society, science for industry, science for science.


Brainport Development is the development company for the region. From its role as a driver of competitiveness and innovation, it has direct and frequent contact with start-up entrepreneurs. Brainport Development also has an (inter)national network of relevant customers, suppliers and knowledge.


As a public company, BOM is committed to the economic future of Brabant to the fullest extent by providing knowledge, experience and public financial resources. This is done through cooperation with business, government and education. Through BOM Participations it invests risk-bearing in promising, growing Brabant companies with an innovative character.