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Deloitte expands pricing expertise with MarketRedesign acquisition

Deloitte boisters pricing services with marketredesigns intelligence

Deloitte has acquired MarketRedesign, the software scale-up based in hub Beta that provides companies with AI-driven pricing insights.

"With MarketRedesign on board, we can now offer a true end-to-end pricing proposition, supporting clients across the entire spectrum: from strategy and analytics to software implementation and change management," said Erik Nanninga, Managing Partner of Deloitte Consulting in our country.

Since MarketRedesign was founded a decade ago, the agency's data scientists have been helping B2B companies around the world increase their profit margins. They do this by optimizing their pricing and sales processes. MarketRedesign's service offering is centered around PriceCypher, the company's artificial intelligence-based dynamic pricing engine.

Over the years, however, optimizing pricing has become "extremely complex," due in part to the emergence of new (digital) sales channels and rapid globalization. Add changing consumer behavior and supply chain disruptions caused by Covid-19, and one thing is clear: "organizations are increasingly seeking support" in this area.

Scaling up with Deloitte

This is exactly where Deloitte and its joining forces with MarketResdesign come in. Indeed, the Big Four firm is considered a global leader in pricing consulting services in the market. "The B2B market is a 'blue ocean' for us," Schmeink explains. "There is a great need for what we offer and very little competition."

"Our end-to-end, dynamic and market-tailored pricing solution is unique, putting us in pole position to capture and maintain market leadership."

The deal with Deloitte primarily means a boost in much-needed capacity for MarketRedesign, he explains. "What limits us in our growth potential is our capacity. By joining forces with Deloitte, we remain 'best in class' and can support many more B2B clients than we could on our own. Deloitte is proving to be a 'perfect match'."

MarketRedesign currently serves blue chip companies in the chemical, energy and insurance sectors. Now that MarketRedesign will have access to Deloitte's global network, the company will seek to further expand its client base, both to other sectors as well as internationally.

Strengthening pricing portfolio

For Deloitte, joining forces primarily means further strengthening its pricing portfolio. "Optimizing pricing is a mega opportunity for our clients and is high on their agenda," Randy Jagt, a partner at Deloitte, let us know. "MarketRedesigns PriceCypher will be an important building block within Deloitte's end-to-end pricing capabilities. We are very much looking forward to adding their AI-based dynamic pricing engine to our toolkit."

Tina Scheele, another partner within Deloitte Consulting's Customer Strategy team, says that because of the deal, Deloitte is now far ahead of its closest competitors in terms of pricing. "Our offering in this area cannot be matched by any competitor," she said.

It is the third deal for Deloitte in the Netherlands this year. Earlier this year, the firm acquired ServiceNow specialist Odysseus and added Iperion' s life sciences consulting practice to its organization.