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Partnership Ultimo and EZ Factory

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EZ Factory and Ultimo have entered into a partnership that enables manufacturing companies to better align technical and production departments. Connecting the two platforms closes the communication gap between the production environment and technicians. Improved communication and teamwork lead to an integrated approach to operations and maintenance. This provides significant benefits to organizations, resulting in simpler, better and more efficient processes. 

EZ Factory's EZ-GO platform empowers operators to lead continuous improvement and digitizes standardized factory work methods for safety, quality, training and efficiency.Ultimo's Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) cloud platform supports organizations with asset management by improving labor productivity, maximizing asset availability and increasing workplace safety. 

Randy Appiah, co-founder of EZ Factory explains: "By integrating our platforms, we close the communication gap between the production environment and engineers. An example: A field operator performs a scheduled first-line maintenance task, such as a check or inspection. He/she sees an anomaly or has an idea for improvement and immediately acts to report and resolve it. This action is now tracked and managed in Ultimo and feedback is sent back to EZ-GO. The action is handled more efficiently and leads to improved standards. In addition, we make it easier to induct new employees and communication between operators and technicians is improved."

Patrick Beekman, Partner Solution Manager at Ultimo adds:
"Despite the fact that many processes have already been automated and digitized, operational staff often remain the eyes and ears of organizations. EZ-GO ensures that all the important issues they identify can be secured in a very accessible way. By integrating with Ultimo, we ensure that this is actually followed up with the right action. In this way, we build a bridge between operations and technology by really working together. This creates the right balance between autonomous (first-line) maintenance and planned preventive maintenance to improve asset performance."