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Let the food come to you!

Find the Strip too far from your office? Or does lunch just take too much time? Here's the solution! Order online at and they will bring the food to you! Wherever and whenever you want.

On July 5, Eurest will launch the mobile website. You can order your food online and choose your pickup point. This is either the reception of your own office or the coffee bar on the Strip. All you have to do is pay online and pick up your food. Payments can be made via Ideal and PayPal.

How does Bring me food work?

  1. Go to on your smartphone
  2. Click the button: Order Now
  3. Choose pickup or delivery
  4. Place your order
  5. Choose your delivery time and pickup point
  6. Pay with Ideal or PayPal
  7. Go get your food

After your first order, the website remembers your account information and all you have to do is choose a delivery time and place.
Enjoy great food whenever and wherever you want!